Simple Tips on Installation

Our pavers can be laid by any competent do-it yourself enthusiast. For large projects the best results are obtained by employing competent paving contractors. If you do this yourself take note of the following;

  • Choose your site carefully taking note of drains, trees and electrical cables
  • Check heights to make sure that the surface is below floor level and slopes away from the house.
  • If the ground is firm and well compacted excavate to a depth of approximately 75mm. If the site is soft or not well compacted, excavate a further 50mm and add 50mm of top-course which should be well compacted
  • Spread a 50mm layer of loose bedding sand over the base. Screed and level.
  • Set up string lines to guide you for height and line.
  • Lay pavers carefully following your chosen laying pattern.
  • N.B. - never use a compactor on the surface of the tiles
  • Leave a gap of 8-10mm between pavers to accommodate minor size variations and to avoid chipping.
  • If pavers need to be cut, hire a suitable masonry saw and remember to wear safety equipment.
  • When all the pavers have been laid, hose them off and allow them to dry thoroughly. Spread pave-lock grouting, mortar pointing or similar to fill the gaps.
  • Use a sand and cement mix to create a 45degree edge to give the pavers a border where needed and to hold the pavers in place.

    Please contact one of our regional producers directly if you need any further assistance.

  • Installing Pavers